Forest Walk (€80)

Enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience in our banya, where your steam master will create a forest atmosphere by infusing the air with scents of fir, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and oak. You will be transported into the magic of Kupala Forest, where you will discover feelings of relaxation and renewal that you may have long forgotten but are so enjoyable.

And even though the heat of the banya can be intense, we offer our guests a “second wind” thanks to our unique ventilation system that allows you to breathe fresh, herb-scented air, making you feel comfortably settled.

During the ritual of flagellation with our oak veniks, your muscle tensions will be relieved, and your body toned. The steam master will also offer you a fir infusion for the body while massaging your back with aromatic fir branches to refresh and relax you.

Summer Rain Memory (€80)

Experience the memory of a gentle summer rain ritual offered by our steam master. You will be enveloped in a gentle birch venik flagellation treatment that will spread soothing warmth throughout your body. Your skin will then be pampered with a honey and rosemary scrub followed by a delicate massage using birch or eucalyptus veniks. Thanks to the tannins and phytoncides in these leaves, your skin will be renewed in a single procedure.

To top it all off, our ritual will conclude with a refreshing sparkling water shower over your body, like a gentle summer rain caressing your skin.

Hot and Cold (€80)

For thrill-seekers, our steam master has created a service that promises to give you chills down your spine and warm your heart. First, you will enjoy traditional warming with your choice of venik, which will deeply relax and warm you. Then, you will feel a refreshing effect as you are showered with icy water and cucumber juice using ice cubes. You will be swayed by the gentleness of the veniks gently flagellating you.

Honey Dream (€80)

If you dream of honey, our “Honey Dream” service is for you. You can pamper your body by immersing yourself in the sweet aromas of honey. The steam master will begin with a full-body honey, ginger, and coriander scrub, followed by initiation into the “flight” ritual using oak veniks. Your head will be doused with cool beer for a soothing and revitalizing experience. Honey will allow your body to relax more quickly and nourish itself with the benefits of natural micro-elements while eliminating toxins.

ParĂ©nĂŻĂ© Signature KUPALA (€160)

Dive into the majestic world of the tsars. You will be taken care of by two steam masters experienced in venik techniques for a royal four-handed flagellation experience. Even the most seasoned connoisseurs of banya rituals will be amazed by the skills of our professionals.

After this unique experience, you can refresh yourself with a cold water shower followed by a birch venik poultice for complete relaxation. For an even more refined experience, our steam master will offer you a choice of beverages to be poured over your body, including beer, sparkling water, or champagne, for a sensation of freshness and revitalization.

For guests of the Grand Banya, our warm hay corner will be at your disposal for the ultimate relaxation, wrapped in a warm aromatic sheet and pampered with a relaxing foot massage. Guests of the Petit Banya can lounge in a comfortable chaise longue by our fireplace corner.

Kupala Green Mat (€90)

For an unforgettable experience, your parénïé ritual can be conducted on fragrant conifer branches. Our steam masters will cover the banya space with these delightful essences for a unique sensory experience. You can relax on a soft forest mattress for a moment of communion with nature.